Living under camps is an out-door operation getting mixed in with nature overnight, away from home and close to the nature.


Paragliding is for amusement, play, pleasure and a competitive experience for people of great interest in flying sports


An expedition is exploration, journey, or way undertaken by a group of people especially for discovery & just one operation of making observations.


I can't count how many time I had to ask if it was real life during the trips. This is the best part of my life!! It is an extra bonus to completely unplug from phones, emails, and anything electronic. It is such an amazing experience!! Looking forward to be a traveler for life.

Mr. Ratan

Adventure sports completely exceeded our expectations. We were very impressed with the way things were run from beginning to end. Choosing a highlight is nearly impossible as there were so many.

Mr. Divyang Sihag

An expedition is exploration, journey, or way undertaken by a group of people especially for discovery & just one operation of making observations.

Mr. Abhay

Get Ready for Thrilling New Year-2019

We have a chance for you to join the New Year Party in the heaven of harmony - Himachal Pradesh. Put all round by rich, pleasing green small and big mountains along the clear water, unlimited food & music.

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We as Earth Warriors work for travel plans which focus on personal development as being close to nature

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We are a perfect adventure solution for troops and individuals

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Earth Warriors do have a lot of off-beat destinations which have footprints very few

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We are a world renowned team for rescue operations all over Himachal Pradesh. We have been hosting trekking expeditions for four Years now and we do have a great experience working with corporate groups

We love what we do. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus sit voluptatem.

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We are a group of adventure enthusiasts with a same goal to be close with nature and for a conservation project as Earth Warriors.


Group Coordinator

Mr. Divyang

Group Leader

Mr. Abhay

Personal Trainer

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Bir Manali Dharamshala



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