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Inderahara Pass Trek

Indrahar Pass Trek (4,342  mtrs.)

3 Nights/4 Days

12+ Age Group



This mountain pass is at the border of Kangra and Chamba valleys, perched high in the Dhauladhar range beyond Laka Got, Lahesh caves and Triund. It is also host to a sacred shrine of a local deity called “Joth Mata”. It is a junction point to reach Nag Dal Lake, Quarsi village and offers view of the Manimahesh peak.

Terrain and trail

The trail starts from Gallu Devi temple, crossing the camping grounds, grasslands, glaciers and caves of Triund, Laka Got and Lahesh. The trek to Lahesh is mostly flat or downhill however, there is a steep ascent from there onto Indrahar pass for about 4-6 hours.


What is so cool about Indrahar Pass?


The journey to reach the pass within itself is quite a rewarding experience with cave explorations, glacier trudging and scenic sights of the mountain ranges, flora and fauna. Atop the pass, you can cast your view for miles of snow clad scenes, silence and no humans! The pass is considered the gateway to reach Inderlok by the locals of the region. Imagine trekking your way to Inderlok!

Package cost: 5200 INR/PP

Includes: Guide + Activities + Food + Camping


Location: Mcleodganj, Dharamshala
Date: March 1, 2018
Duration: 300 Days
Type: Open
Entrants: Unlimited