ENDURANCE: Adventure reality show

Endurance: The ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way. As the name stands, Endurance is a game show which aims to promote the undying strength and character of the human kind come what may. The game intends to break all barriers of humankind and simultaneously making them aware of all delicate environment and rich heritage and culture of India. The game for its first season is scheduled to be in the lap of nature and God’s abode: Himachal Pradesh. We will be promoting the adventure sports and eco-friendly tourism together in Himachal Pradesh our first season. The game will be filled with tasks related to the culture of Himachal Pradesh with the taste of modern era adventure tourism filled with the ultimate test of their abilities in mental, psychological and bodily fitness. An adventurous journey assured to make your acquaintance with the rich culture of Himachal as well as different erotic locations of Himachal. How can I be a part of it? You can be a part of it by simply registering yourself to the event which will be covered on camera and will be broadcasted afterwards. All you need to do is to be fit, physically and mentally. When registration is done, you will be called for an audition which will take part in three rounds.

Note: We will be entertaining on the first come, first serve basis and will be taking 1000 entries at most, all those entries will compete with all other entries in audition and result will be made public with all auditions going online as well.

Auditions: The audition phase for Endurance will take part in three phases. Because every chance in life is a 50-50 scenario, 50 per cent of people will be eliminated in every phase.

The Task : The Pre Endurance round is the simplest yet the most important one, here you will compete with 999 others indirectly to be a part of the show. The individual will go through a hurdle track in a gym which will test his/her stamina and never say never attitude. After you complete your course, our doctors will check if you have normal physical conditions or are you lacking something if you are labelled not fit, your journey will end them and if fit, your time record will be taken forward to the next round. You will get your results with 999 others on the same day, even if you are not fit. 500 of you will go further.

2. The Trek: You will be sent on a trek with your batch where you will not only be competing the people alongside you but also those who are not in your batch, yes, you can be eliminated, if you are first of your batch if fitness standards are not met or you are late on clock compared to any other individual of all the batches combined. 250 or less of you will go forward.

3. The Faceoff: You will be randomly paired with some people of the selected and you will perform the same task as they will. The one who will win the task will go forward the other will go home. Now your mental and mind games ability will come in handy. 50 per cent chance will end and the chances will be bleaker. 100 people will move forward.

4. The Interview: The interview is not supposed to make you angry or yell things but to see how your mind reacts to stress and how good to carry yourself while in stress. What will be the content? you will know later. Now you have to be the absolute best because stress will make sure only the fittest survive. What comes later? The Journey: A journey around the state of Himachal Pradesh where you are other selected will be performing tasks and treks. The task will be hard. The journey will be filled with exotic locations and your physical strength will help you to do good in tasks and your mind will help you survive the politics. The stress level will be high but the journey will surely be a memorable one. The one who outshines the rest will get 100,000 INR as the winning prize. So what are you waiting for? register your self now. For more queries, you can WhatsApp us on the numbers below.



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